• We share a Sea

    We share a Sea Only electronic

    'We share a Sea' is a teaching material for children in 5th and 6th grade - aged 11-13 - designed to give the students an understanding of how food habits, agriculture and environmental impacts are interrelated. It is suitable for natural science and home economics as well as interdisciplinary courses in combination with English and the national language. The overall aim is that the students understand how they as consumers can influence the environment e.g. by eating “a diet for a clean Baltic” – that is local organic food with less meat and more vegetables.

    The booklet 'We share a sea' is a fictional story about five children who examine the connection between the food they eat, the agricultural production methods and the marine environment. A teacher’s guide, assignments, questions on academic reading, guidelines for experiments in class, field trip suggestions and recipes in accordance with “diet for a clean Baltic” are available online on

    We share a sea is so far available in English, Danish and Lithuanian and a Swedish, Estonian, Finnish and German versions are planned to follow in 2013. Thus it will be possible to establish partnerships with schools in other Baltic countries working with the same material. Contact the Ecological Council in Denmark at and learn more about the possibilities.

    Text by Ulla Skovsbøl, illustrations by Eva Wulff
    Publiced by Det Økologiske Råd og Frugtformidlingen, April 2013, Booklet, 26 pages pages

    Read/download We share a Sea (2,47 MB)



  • Healthy food for a sick planet

    Healthy food for a sick planet Only electronic

    Education material

    How can we reduce emissions of greenhouse gases caused by agriculture and food consumption?

    By Jette Hagensen
    The Danish Ecological Council, February 2009

    Read/Download: reading material

    Read/Download: cookbook

  • A Sustainable Agriculture in 2020

    A Sustainable Agriculture in 2020 Only electronic

    A Sustainable Agriculture in 2020 - how to accomodate the needs of climate, nature, biodiversity as well as developing countries.

    Summary - part of the report is available in English - see Environmental integration in EU agricultural policy.

    By: Leif Bach Jørgensen, Knud Vilby & Christian Ege
    The Ecological Council 2009. Booklet, 12 pages.

    Download: Agriculture 2020 (772.47 kB)

  • Danish Pesticide Use Reduction Programme

    Danish Pesticide Use Reduction Programme Only electronic

    Danish Pesticide Use Reduction Programme - to Benefit the Environment and the Health

    This booklet summarises the experiences over 20 years in Denmark in reducing pesticide hazards and use.

    By Hans Nielsen
    The Ecological Council, published by PAN-Europe, june 2005, Booklet, 14 pages

    Download: Danish Pesticide Use Reduction Programme


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