Pollution from residential burning (pamphlet)

Pollution from residential burning (pamphlet)
Only electronic

Residential burning in small stoves and boilers is a dominating source of mant toxic air pollutants: Fine particles, soot particles, dioxins, tar compounds and volatile organic compounds. PArticles are the main cause o fmorbidity and premature mortality related to air pollution. Residential burning (mainly wood) causes more than half of the total soot particle emission in the EU.

This pamphlet gives you an overview of the challenge posed by residential burning.

The pamphlet is only available electronically, and is intended for print and for distribution in areas with residential burning.

Below you can download a version for online/on screen reading and a version for print with the set up for print and folding.  

Read the pamphlet: Pollution from residential burning

Download pamphlet for print: Pollution from residential burning 


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