Clean Air Copenhagen

Clean Air Copenhagen
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About 400.000 Europeans die prematurely every year and millions become severely ill due to air pollution with fine particles. 3.000 Danes alone die prematurely every year due to this air polution despite thet fact that Denmark fulfills all EU limits in the area. In comparison, less than 200 Danes die due to traffic accidents every year. This is why air pollution still poses as a serious health problem.

Luckily, there are several efficient tools to reduce air pollution frem traffic. This publicationis about efficient tools to fulfill the air quality limit values in the Air Quality Directive and at the same time reduce the pollution with hazardous ultrafine soot particles.

The publication is available in both printed and electronic form.

Download by hitting the symbol “deleknap" inside the displayed publication below.

Author: Kåre Press-Kristensen
The Ecological Council, January 2014, booklet 36 pages.


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