Hazardous chemicals can be substituted

Hazardous chemicals can be substituted
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- developments since 2006

More and more substances are studied and classified as hazardous to health or the environment, and an increasing number of companies choose to replace potentially dangerous substances. Substitution is beneficial to both the environment and humans, but also for the company itself, as it can foster or create a green image and be innovative and at the forefront of development and legislation.

This publication is a follow up to "Hazardous chemicals can be substituted" from 2006. The EU chemicals legislation REACH and the concept of substitution are explained, and Danish companies that have gone through a substitution process, report on their experiences and what has happened since 2006. Companies have, for example, replaced heavy metals, industrial greenhouse gases and endocrine disrupting phthalate plasticizers. The various chemicals, their effects and relevant legislation are presented in fact boxes, and warning and priority lists are explained.

Substitution can be a complicated process, and this publication can serve as inspiration to companies and public institutions as well as an information source for all other interested parties. The publication can complement the internet substitution portal SUBSPORT, where businesses, to help themselves, can search the substitution examples and specific chemicals.

Authors: Eline Aggerholm Kristensen and Christian Ege The Ecological Council, May 2012, booklet, 60 pages.

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