Air Pollution in Airports

Air Pollution in Airports
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Ultrafine particles, solutions and successful cooperation.
Persons working close to exhaust from aircraft and/or diesel engines in airports are exposed to a complex mixture of potentially health damaging air pollution. The National Board of Industrial Injures in Denmark has now recognized several cancer cases, most likely caused by air pollution in airports. The pollution is a serious and overseen work-related threat. This booklet presents a new exhaustive study focusing on air pollution in Danish airports, pollution sources, employee exposure to ultrafine particles and actions to limit the pollution. The main aim of the booklet is to inspire decision makers and other key stakeholders in national and international organizations and in every airport to take action to reduce employee exposure to air pollution with ultrafine particles from aircraft and diesel engines.

By Kåre Press-Kristensen
The Danish Ecological Council, April 2012, Booklet, 28 pages

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