Climate Friendly Energy Solutions

Climate Friendly Energy Solutions
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Recommendations for how small and large energy consumers can make a real effort to combat climate change – and how they can ensure more renewable energy.

There has been identified a great need for recommendations for households, small medium and large companies and communities about what to do if you want to do something good for the climate and ensure the transition of especially the Danish energy sector for more renewables. Therefore, the Danish Ecological Council has written this publication that gives a clear overview of actions that you can do, and which actions you should avoid. This English edition has been supplemented to be used in the EU, and does contain explanations of special Danish conditions whenever needed.

Author: Søren Dyck-Madsen
The Danish Ecological Council, October 2010 (Danish version) and January 2011 (English version)
Publication, 24 pages, A4 – for download 6 MB

Download: Climate friendly solutions (6 MB)


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